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​   Free one hour fantastic photography session

+ Free Music Slide Show including all your photos

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   Free 한시간 happy and fun 사진촬영

+ Free 뮤직 슬라이드쇼 

+ 이미지 파일 모두! (프린트가능, Family Day 추천이미지)

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** Terms and Conditions for promotion / 프로모션 약관

1. All applicants need to post and expose their Family Day images and slide shows from certain period of time (need to discuss with us) on  

    more than one SNS sites such as facebook, blog, KaKao story, Naver cafe, Daum cafe, etc

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Family Day

Master: Joonbum Park  

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Tel: 02 545 5670

Address: 서울시 용산구 장문로12 남도빌딩 (Starbucks) 2층

2F, 12 Jangmoonro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

 Inspired by the disappearing memory of our lives.

Bettered by a common storytellers around us.

Driven by the belief every kid/family got a story to tell. 

Account Info:

Shinhan bank

110 - 431 - 473122

Joonbum Park 

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